Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend all Council meetings.
  • In consultation with the SOO - Greater Durham Community Council, recruit a team of fund-raisers from within the community.
  • Source new fundraising opportunities.
  • Liaison with the Durham Regional Police Law Enforcement Torch Run Coordinator.
  • In conjunction with the Council Treasurer and the fundraising committee, develop a fundraising plan to adequately meet the financial needs of your community.
  • Act as a resource to community fundraising representatives in all areas pertaining to fundraising, including Special Olympics Ontario provincial fundraising initiatives.
  • Develop strategies and resources to enable the goals in your fundraising plan to be met (i.e. grant applications, in kind donations, service club solicitations, etc.)
  • Act as a liaison between the provincial and community levels of Special Olympics Ontario on all matters pertaining to fundraising.
  • Explain and present resource material on fundraising to your committee members.
  • Monitor fundraising initiatives within the community to ensure that policies are followed and a positive image is portrayed.
  • Report to the Council on behalf of the committee.
  • Review and be familiar with sections 1,2,3,4,6,13,16 and 18 on the S.O.O. information portal.
  • Maintain the Special Olympics e-mail address that is provided, if applicable
  • Upon vacating the position all files etc. must be passed on to the new Fundraising Coordinator.