Duties and Responsibilities 

Attend all Council meetings 

Assumes all duties of the Community Coordinator/Council Chair in their absence. 

Ensure information is disseminated between Community Council members and amongst the  community at large. 

Ensure that all District and Sport Conference meetings are attended by a member of the  community, to ensure the community interests are represented. 

Be knowledgeable of and understand the guidelines, policies and bylaws of Special  Olympics Ontario.  

Review and be familiar with all sections on the S.O.O. information portal. 

Act as one of the signing authorities within the Community.  

Encourage recruitment of volunteers to act as Council members for vacated positions. 

To work with the Technical Coordinator to ensure storage facilities are maintained and  equipment is distributed and collected in a timely manner. Be responsible for holding one  set of keys for the GDSO storage facilities 

Maintain the Special Olympics e-mail address that is provided, if applicable. 

Upon vacating the position all files etc. must be passed on to the new Community Vice Coordinator / Council Vice-Chair